Who We Are

  • The College of Health and Human Sciences (CHHS) Dean's Leadership Council (DLC) is a student organization, which works in conjunction with the CHHS Dean's Office to encourage forward growth within our college.
  • The Council members serve as student representatives of the CHHS departments to which they belong. The Council makes decisions to better the departments and the College.
  • Contact Us: chhsdlc@colostate.edu

What We Do

  • The Council participates in outreach and community service activities in both the CSU and Fort Collins areas.
  • DLC includes members that hold representative voting positions in other organizations on campus including ASCSU, the University Technology Fee Advisory Board (UTFAB) and the University Facilities Fee Advisory Board (UFFAB).
  • Working hand in hand with the Deans Office, the CHHS Dean's Leadership Council has a unique opportunity to actively work with CHHS administration and effectively represent the CHHS student body.

What We Can Do for You

  • Having a problem with printing? Are your classrooms falling apart? Loving the new computers in the CM lab? We want to know about it!
  • Holding representative positions on the Dean’s Leadership Council and other organizations on campus allows us to serve as the voice for CHHS students. DLC is responsible for reaching out to other students in the college, determining what is and isn’t working, and finding a way to make a difference for our students and our community.
  • Contact Us: chhsdlc@colostate.edu